ACTORS, NETWORKS, THEORIES at Dazibao (Montreal)

Sophie Bélair Clément, Bernadette Corporation, Lyn Blumenthal & Kate Horsfield, Gregg Bordowitz, Philippe Hamelin, Steve Lyons, Chris Marker, My Barbarian, Jeff Preiss, R. H. Quaytman, Kevin Rodgers and Jason Simon

The exhibition runs from September 25 to November 22, 2014 | Opening on September 25 at 7 p.m.

The gallery is open from Tuesday to Saturday from noon to 5 p.m.

Curator: Vincent Bonin

In collaboration with the Leonard & Bina Ellen Gallery

A gap always manifests itself between the publication of a text in one language and that of its translation, or between the inaugural presentation of an artwork in one context and its subsequent display. In this project, presented in two installments, the first at the Leonard and Bina Ellen Art Gallery of Concordia University and the second at Dazibao, curator Vincent Bonin addressed this phenomenon of deferred reception of theories and art. A section of the first part focused on the assimilation of writings by French philosophers in English-speaking visual arts milieus from the late 1970s until today. Bonin mapped this trajectory in an indexical manner by alluding to the network of institutions and communities of elective affinities that intercepted these texts and recycled them. In the second part of the project, this narrative of North American imports of “French Theory” takes a different tack as Bonin highlights the ways in which artists, critics, theorists and curators graft affect onto the transmission of these discourses and references. Collaboration – while not suspending the power relations that exist between these aforementioned protagonists -, become a means to safeguard the concept of autonomy within the heteronomous field of art. The first part consisted in a series of micro-exhibitions following the sequence of interconnected rooms at the Leonard and Bina Ellen gallery. In the second installment, Bonin is taking into account Dazibao’s open presentation space in order to make the connections between the participants’ works and statements even more perceptible.
Participant in The Golden USB, by Marilou Lemmens and Richard Ibghy. Vox (Montreal).

The Golden USB is an installation by Richard Ibghy and Marilou Lemmens that gives form to the idea of an interstellar trade capsule. Housed in a gold USB flash memory device, the capsule is intended for travel aboard a probe headed towards the stars beyond our solar system. Following in the footsteps of the Pioneer Plaque (1972-1973) and The Golden Record (1977), which introduced human civilization to extraterrestrials, The Golden USB (2014) is an invitation to make contact and begin a trade relationship.
MARCH 2014: Marilou Lemmens and Richard Ibghy
Will participate in Lemmens and Ibghy's residency at Trinity Square Video Is there anything left to be done at all? In this residency, we will be discussing/working through the generative potential of unproductive labour and expenditure in creative work.
MARCH 2014: Cynthia Girard at La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse
Very pleased to be working with Cynthia Girard on this archival project for La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse. More info to
In March 2014, I will be participating in the second portion of this exciting exhibition curated by Vincent Bonin.


In collaboration with Dazibao
Curator: Vincent Bonin
November 14, 2013 to January 25, 2014

Berwick Street Collective, Andrea Fraser, Jean-Luc Godard, Group Material, Peter Halley, International Defence and Aid Fund for Southern Africa, Gareth James, Mary Kelly, Karen Knorr, Jon Knowles, Duane Lunden, Thérèse Mastroiacovo, Anthony McCall, Anne-Marie Miéville, Claire Pajaczkowska, Philip Monk, Laura Mulvey, Jeff Preiss, Yvonne Rainer, Andrew Tyndall, Jeff Wall, Ian Wallace, Jane Weinstock, Peter Wollen

Wednesday November 13, 5:30-7:30 pm
Reception at 7 pm
Keep an eye out for parts two and three of A POINT EXPANDED TO A PLANE, produced for YYZ Unlimited. To be launched before the new year.
JUNE 2013
ALIGNMENTS, a two person exhibition with Liza Eurich. Reception June 8 at 8 pm

Curated by John G. Hampton

Neutral Ground, Regina SASK
MAY 2013
Goodwater: an exhibition curated by John Goodwin.
24 may - 29 june 2013
opening 24 may 7 - 10pm

G Gallery Toronto, ON
Nov 2 - Dec 23, 2012
Ibghy & Lemmens: I'd gladly surrender myself to you, body and soul

I recently curated an exhibition of works by artists Richard Ibghy and Marilou Lemmens for G Gallery in Toronto, Ontario. See here.
The Talking Show
My piece HOW FAR DOES TODAY REACH is featured in Nicolas G Miller and Steve Kado's The Talking Show broadcast on KCHUNG radio in Los Angeles this wednesday, Sept 26th. It will also be available in the archive found here.
Review of Cynthia Girard
My review of Cynthia Girard's exhibition Pierre Vallières et Josée Yvon at Optica in Montreal is now out in ART PAPERS.
Review of OUT OF ORDER in Canadian Art Online. See here
JULY 2012
OUT OF ORDER: an exhibition held at the McIntosh Gallery (London, ON). There will also be a poster launch at the opening, July 19th.
Review of THE FOX: by Rosemary Heather
Rosemary Heather's considered review of the exhibition is published in the new Border Crossings: issue 120. It is also found on her website here

Oskar Hüber (Germany), Yam Lau and Gordon Lebredt (Canada), Sophie Nys (Belgium) and Kevin Rodgers (Canada).

G Gallery
234 Queen Street East, Toronto

14 July to 20 August, 2011.
OPENING Thursday, 14 July. 7-9pm.

Thursday through Saturday, 12-5pm or by appointment

A review of Bruce Nauman's Audio/Video Piece for London, Ontario in C MAGAZINE 110.
Purchase it online here.
An accompanying text for Free Information; an exhibition by Dawn Johnston and Kristoff Steinruck. It is called Read More and can be found here.
JAN 2011
Group exhibition Autofunction at g gallery (Toronto, ON). January 6-29, 2011.

Group exhibition Manifesto at 107 Shaw Gallery (Toronto, ON).
NOV 2010
On Nov. 16 2010 I'll be a guest in Nestor Kruger's course at the University of Guelph. Other participants include Marcin Kedziora and Yam Lau.
a modest black and white periodical

CONTRIBUTORS – Andrew Berardini, Neil Bickerton, Mike Crane, David Deery, Chris Fite-Wassilak, FormContent, Kate Jackson, Andrew Kerton, Kevin Kirwan, Fermín Jiménez Landa, Serena Lee, Henning Lundkvist, Kelly Lycan, Linda Quinlan, Celia Perrin Sidarous, Garrett Phelan, Kevin Rodgers, Project Arts Centre, Mike Schuh, Sils, Leif Magne Tangen, Aislinn Thomas, Walker and Walker, Lee Welch, Lauren Wetmore and Wilfried Lentz Gallery
SEPT 2010
MISSILE PARK, an installation for, ON). Sept 16-19, 2010.
SEPT 2010
"If Destroyed, We Should Have to Recreate from Physical Need"

Kim Adams, Robin Collyer, Joel Herman, Jen Hutton, Claire Greenshaw and Nestor Kruger

curated by Kevin Rodgers
Parker Branch (99 1/2 Stanley Street, London)
opening September 11, 2010
JULY 2010
Will be attending a 6 week long residency at the Banff Centre from Sept-Oct 2010.
Title: The distance between our minds and thoughts equals the distance between our words and mouths, with Jan Verwoert.

JULY 2010
RADICAL RHETORIC: A short Q&A with Queen's Journal.
JUNE 2010, Upcoming exhibition.
16 WORKS, an exhibition at Galerie Tatjana Pieters. Gent, Belgium. Sunday December 19, 2010 to January 30, 2011.
MAY 2010, Curated Project
A small curatorial project is to be held in September at Parker Branch in London, ON. More information on the selected artists to come...
MAY 2010. Upcoming exhibitions
This mid summer I will be participating in two exhibitions. The first, curated by Pete Smith, will be held at the Elissa Cristall Gallery in Vancouver, BC. The second is a solo exhibition held at Modern Fuel Artist Run Center in Kingston, ON. It is curated by Michael Davidge.
MAY 2010. Next Issue of FUSE magazine
The next issue of FUSE will contain an article I wrote on the work of Carole Condé and Karl Beveridge.