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The Free Dependent
The Free Dependent

Produced in Belgium in 2014, The Free Dependent is a series of black and white montages that takes the scanned book as an aesthetic form. It examines the tensions between thinking and action, between intervals of time, between freedom and withdrawal. Evoking an intensive turn to the self, The Free Dependent widely references reflexive sculpture, the body and philosophy, and is comprised entirely from a personal image bank and collection of PDF’s and images.

The Free Dependent takes as its starting point a PDF version of political theorist Hannah Arendt’s 1961 book Between Past and Future, a collection of essays on (among other subjects) freedom, education and authority.

This project was produced while at a residency at FLACC in Genk Belgium. The artist would like to thank the staff of FLACC for their generosity and hard work in helping bring this project together.