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The Unconditional

There is a sickness in the atmosphere. All said, I am well. Everything is in order. It doesn’t bother you much, being dependent on others? No, he smiled. No. There’s even something rather agreeable about it. One for others, pour autrui. To which a question arises: where shall the unconditional be found? Here before us we have objects and images, each conditional and determined by something else. The unconditional, however, cannot be sought in objectivity because it is not an object. He withdrew his hand and ran it over his face. Flesh as contingent. A surrender of the body. What is this “vraie condition”, the unconditional? Is it a state of grace, the condition of possibility? Yes, he smiled. Yes: you and I conditioned reciprocally. And so we now look for the body at play in our own thoughts, discretion guaranteed. Demonstrators chanted in the street.

The Unconditional is a new body of work produced by Kevin Rodgers. It was held at the Central Art Garage in Ottawa, Ontario, from Nov. 3 to Dec 22, 2017.

Photos courtesy Chris Snow.